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The task of IS:link is to accompany students on their way to a semester abroad. From organizing to recognizing achievements, IS:link supports all Business Information Systems students of the Faculty of Computer Science in the entire process of planning and organizing.

IS:link offers continuous support, competent advice and assistance – all for a successful completion of your semester abroad.  You can find more detailed information here.

Important Information

In light of the sad events in Ukraine, we have decided to suspend the membership of Innopolis University until further notice. This decision, which is very regrettable for us, is in no way directed against our esteemed colleagues at Innopolis University or even against the students at Innopolis. Rather, it is a necessary symbolic act to make it clear that we strongly condemn the criminal actions of the Russian government.

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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank

IS:link Director & Founder

Prof. Dr. Frederik Ahlemann

IS:link Executive Director / Department und International Coordinator

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