Important information

To understand how the semester abroad is anchored in the studies, take a look at the information about it on the page of the semester abroad as a compulsory component.

Please note that an application via Erasmus can only be made if an application has first been received via IS:link (via Clustdoc) and you have been awarded a place. For more information, please click here.

For all three options it is necessary to get in contact with IS:link. You can see from the table of partner universities which universities cooperate with Erasmus and/or IS:link, as there are differences in the further procedure depending on the option.

To get detailed descriptions of the options, please click on the individual options.


Please take a moment to answer the questions below about your semester abroad. With each completed report, we can offer other students a better insight into your chosen partner university and life in that country, and thus support them in their decision-making process. All reports will be uploaded anonymously on our website. Click here to download

Three different options

Which option is the best for you?

IS:link Option

The IS:link option is available for Business Information Systems students of the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Duisburg-Essen. IS:link offers a broad network of partner universities where students can apply. In doing so, the IS:link team here supports students in applying to the partner university as well as in communicating with the relevant parties (partner university, examination office, etc.).

Click here for the IS:link option.

Erasmus Option

Erasmus is a program of the European Union, which promotes the cooperation of universities within Europe as well as the mobility of students and lecturers. Through the Erasmus program, students can spend a semester or exchange year abroad at an Erasmus partner university of the UDE. The study period abroad lasts a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 months. As an Erasmus scholarship holder, you will receive an Erasmus grant to financially support your travel and accommodation costs. The application for the Erasmus program takes place directly at the UDE.

Click here for the Erasmus Option.

Freemover Option

Freemovers are students who freely organize their semester abroad at a university. This means that, independent of the university coordination partners (such as IS:link and Erasmus), they either choose a university themselves and take on the planning and organization on their own initiative or go to study abroad via an organization of their choice.

Click here for the Freemover Option.