Preparation for the IS:link consultation

The first step into the semester abroad is up to you: You should think about which partner university is suitable for you. The awareness of what you want for your stay abroad is the basis of the IS:link consultation (step 2).


Partner Universities

You can see from the table of partner universities which universities cooperate with Erasmus and/or IS:link, as there are differences in the further procedure depending on the option.


Each partner university has its own areas of specialization, which are reflected accordingly in the selection of courses offered. Therefore, you can especially take courses abroad from focal areas that you have neglected so far in the context of your studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen. However, your personal (subject) interests should also be taken into account when choosing a university.

However, it should be noted that the respective subject areas must also be offered at the partner university for Master's students: For example, if you need courses from the field of Business Information Systems, you should consider partner universities where Master's courses in the field of Business Information Systems are actually offered. If you are interested in courses from the field of economics, you should check whether your potential partner university offers courses in this focus. Here, it is important to keep in mind that the courses you are considering are only open to Master's students. This is of central importance for the creditability of the courses. Therefore, when researching, be sure to check that the partner universities you are considering offer courses in your chosen field that are exclusively offered as part of the master's program. Courses that are also open to bachelor's students cannot be considered for credit for master's students.

Practical relevance

If a practical experience abroad is important to you, you should also take this into account when selecting the subject focus as well as the university.

Climate and health

In addition, you should also consider the climatic conditions of the country. For example, if you have health problems with intense heat, a stay abroad in a subtropical or tropical zone would be suboptimal. If you suffer from allergies, sensitivities, fears and/or phobias, it is also useful to find out about the countries' native species.

Semester dates

Many students combine the semester abroad with a trip through the respective country. Please note the different semester dates: The start of the semester varies from country to country, as do the examination periods.

Guiding questions

Before the counseling interview at IS:link, you should therefore think about key questions. The decision for a suitable partner university depends individually on your interests, wishes and needs. The following guiding questions, which you should personally answer for yourself, serve to help you make your decision. The guiding questions designed for preparation form the basis for the personal counseling interview.

Bachelor students interested in studying abroad can also contact IS:link directly.

Download: Key guiding questions to prepare for the IS:link consultation