The provision of services

The compulsory stay abroad in the master’s degree in Business Informatics (M. Sc.) Enables students, as can already be seen from the legal anchoring of the study abroad (module manual), to complete a maximum of five modules abroad as part of the compulsory elective module. Due to the globally different credit point systems, it is advisable to also take the workload into account when providing the service, which according to the module manual comprises a total of 180 hours. The credit points earned during the semester abroad are ultimately converted by IS: link in order to enable recognition at the University of Duisburg-Essen. It should be noted that the maximum number of six ETCS per foreign module cannot be exceeded (see examination regulations §10 (4)).

Furthermore, after an individual examination, it is possible to substitute German courses with foreign ones if these should not be counted towards the elective module. This means that there is basically the possibility of 1:1 crediting of individually tested modules. This 1:1 crediting is incumbent upon the fulfillment of certain conditions, so that interested students can contact IS: link with the respective course descriptions of the foreign university and the syllabi.

The transcript of records (ToR) from the foreign university serves as proof of performance for the completed modules. This ToR is created by the respective partner university and sent to the students after completing the semester abroad. If the students do not receive a ToR from their partner university, the foreign university must first be contacted about this.